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tba/21 - "Why Must Every Moment Be Wider Than The Rest" - a new acoustic guitar work recorded on January 2020, to be released on Camp Editions.

28/4/21 - 19:00 - at the Artists Residence Herzliya - live solo bowed guitar at Maya Dunietz' new exhibition - Event Here

12/5/21 - 22:00 - Jerusalem* - Erez Meyuhas performing Gyorgy Kurtag & other pieces, Ariel Altaratz solo electric set, Guy Dubious & Shaul Kohn making feedbacks.

*write me an email for location & time.


24/4/21 - Raash Records evening at HaMazkeka: shows by Andarta feat. Uri Crystal & Mafatal feat. Uri Frost, allnight Dj: Gavriel Goodman.

24/4/21 - musica nova ensemble at Mamuta art & media research center

4/4/21 - new work for mixed choir [re-arranged for screen] will be released as a part of a musica nova video collection, alongside new pieces by orr sinay & rhudri davies.