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Sideways Time In Blood's Way Town


solo bowed acoustic guitar

Recorded January, 2020
Recording, Mixing, Artwork - Shaul Kohn
Mastered by James Birchall at CAMP

for One or More Electric Guitars and Amps In a Room / 2020

with Amit Dagim, Ariel Altaratz, Itai Anker

Recorded By Amir Bolzman

Mastering: Amit Dagim

Directors of Photography & Production Mannagers: Arik Futterman & Yair Moss - Organuz Studio

Cameras: Gitai Silver, Tomer Zmora, Lior Razon

Produced by Amnon Wolman & Shim Gil

This performance was a part of a Musica Nova Ensemble Production.

Tom Soloveitzik // Tel Aviv Flora & Fauna

Orr Sinay - double bass
Yoni Niv - crotales
Haggai Fershtman - cymbals
Tom Soloveitzik - tenor saxophone

Shaul Kohn - bowed acoustic guitar

Recorded by Ishay Piccione on July 24th, 2018, at Pluto Studios, Tel Aviv
Mixed and mastered by A.F Jones at Laminal Audio

Cover design by Avihai Mizrahi

released September 2, 2020 on Suppedaneum.

Andarta // EP


released September 25, 2020

Alon Ovnat - Voice
Itai Anker - Drums
Shaul Kohn - Bass
Recording Engineer - Assaf Tager
Asst. Recording Engineer - Eilon Elikam
Mixed by Binya Reches
Mastering by Chris Haslam
Cassette Design by Hila Bar-Haim
Hands by Muhammad Abu-Tir

Released on Raash Records

Andarta // Dehumanize

Studio Straus 


Alon Ovnat - Voice, Words

Itai Anker - Drums

Shaul Kohn - Bass

Matvey Shapiro - Riverscape 

Graphic scores by Matvey Shapiro, July 2020

"The notation is more important than the sound. Not the exactitude and the success with which a notation notates a sound; but the musicalness of the notation in its notating. (Cornelius Cardew)

Series of paintings - riverscapes - sighted from above and abstracted to maps, graphically structured to serve as musical scores. The paintings-scores are accompanied by the recordings of the performances by several musicians.

The project investigates and questions the roles of composer and performer, the auditory nature of the medium of music, and the interdependency between the musical notation and the performance.

Participating musicians: Shira Legmann, Orr Sinay, Nitai Levi, Shaul Kohn, Tom Klein, Hovav Landoy."

Main Site:


e. guitar, sticks, objects

GangesShaul Kohn/Matvey Shapiro
00:00 / 01:04


e. guitar, electric drill, voice​

DanubeShaul Kohn/Matvey Shapiro
00:00 / 01:04


e. guitar, bow, sticks

The Nile [short]Shaul Kohn/Matvey Shapiro
00:00 / 01:04

Frantz Loriot // Confluences for Ensemble 


Loriot - Viola

Shira Leggman - Piano

Amnon Wolman - Computer

Tom Soloveitzik - Sax

Or Sinay - Bass

Yoni Niv - Computer & Objects

Shaul Kohn - Bowed Guitar

Amnon Wolman // Lane Ends


Shaul Kohn - Guitars & Bass

Camera: Eddie Botstein

two pians, two pianos


playing simultaneously on two pianos. 

recorded live at the hague, netherlands, december 2018.

Temptations In Not Reacting


solo bowed acoustic guitar

Recorded by Amir Bolzman at Lisbon Cinema Studios, Mamuta art research center, Jerusalem 2018.
Mix by Amir Bolzman & Aviad Zinemanas
Mastering by Aviad Zinemanas
Artwork by Eliya Kohn
Booklet Graphic Design by Michael Cohen

Thinking About Whales

solo electric guitar, bow, sticks, objects

Recorded live at Trickster club, Berlin, August 2017, while touring Germany with HYNOM.

(during this time i was listening primarily to recordings of whales)

playing Thelonious Monk's "Brilliant Corners"

Sira pub, Jerusalem 2017.

Between Lines and Exit Signs

solo acoustic guitar set Recorded Live at Barbur gallery, Jerusalem, February 15th, 2017, by Lars Sergel.

This performance was a part of the Wire Tapping series at Barbur Gallery, produced by Lars Sergel & Dennis Mashkevich.

solo acoustic & electric guitars

Pergamon club, 2016

Perestroika Soundsystem

Hansen House, 2016

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