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Ronit Rosenthal - Head & Heart

2022 / Holit

Ronit Rosenthal - Drums, Vocals

Ivan Maletin - Vocals (02)

Lelia Ben Horin - Mandolin (03)

Shaul Kohn - Bowed Guitar (04), Bass & Guitars (05)
Produced, Recorded, Mixed by Amir Bolzman

Mastered by Harel Schreiber


RV​/​A003 - Greetings From Jerusalem

2022 / Raash Records

[Track 33: Shaul Kohn - Cannon]

Shaul Kohn - Why Must Be Every Moment Wider Than The Rest?

2021 / Camp Editions
Mastered by James Birchall at CAMP

Shaul Kohn - Sideways Time In Blood's Way Town

2021 / Camp Editions
Bowed Guitar
Mastered by James Birchall at CAMP

Andarta - EP

2020 / Raash Records 

Alon Ovnat - Voice
Itai Anker - Drums
Shaul Kohn - Bass
Recording Engineer - Assaf Tager
Asst. Recording Engineer - Eilon Elikam
Mixed by Binya Reches
Mastering by Chris Haslam

Tom Soloveitzik - Tel Aviv Flora & Fauna

2020 / Suppedaneum 22

Orr Sinay - double bass
Yoni Niv - crotales
Shaul Kohn - acoustic guitar
Haggai Fershtman - cymbals
Tom Soloveitzik - tenor saxophone
Recorded by Ishay Piccione on July 24th, 2018, at Pluto Studios, Tel Aviv
Mixed and mastered by A.F Jones at Laminal Audio

Shaul Kohn - Masculine Feminine

2020 / Raash Records

from Essential Jerusalem Drones

Masculine Feminine features recordings from Hynom rehearsals with Daniella Ljungsberg, Itai Anker and Adin Peskoff

Shaul Kohn - Temptations in Not Reacting

2018 / Hedim 001

Bowed Guitar

Recorded by Amir Bolzman at Lisbon Cinema Studios, Mamuta art research center, Jerusalem 2018.
Mix by Amir Bolzman & Aviad Zinemanas
Mastering by Aviad Zinemanas
Artwork by Eliya Kohn
Graphic Design by Michael Cohen

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