Sideways Time In Blood's Way Town


solo bowed acoustic guitar

Recorded January, 2020

Mastered by James Birchall at CAMP

Camp Editions CAMPFR110

Andarta // EP


released September 25, 2020

Alon Ovnat - Voice
Itai Anker - Drums
Shaul Kohn - Bass
Recording Engineer - Assaf Tager
Asst. Recording Engineer - Eilon Elikam
Mixed by Binya Reches
Mastering by Chris Haslam
Cassette Design by Hila Bar-Haim
Hands by Muhammad Abu-Tir

Raash Records RCA007

Tom Soloveitzik // Tel Aviv Flora & Fauna

Orr Sinay - double bass
Yoni Niv - crotales
Haggai Fershtman - cymbals
Tom Soloveitzik - tenor saxophone

Shaul Kohn - bowed acoustic guitar

Recorded by Ishay Piccione, July 2018, at Pluto Studios, Tel Aviv
Mixed and mastered by A.F Jones at Laminal Audio
Cover design by Avihai Mizrahi

Suppedaneum No. 22

Sevelle // Live at Zikuk

Recorded live in Jerusalem at Zikuk Festival, (Mazkeka)
November 8th 2019


Niv Gafni - Pipes
Shaul Kohn - Guitar
Daniel Treystman - Drums

Masculine Feminine

made on the move on the trains & streets of Toulouse & Paris, 2019.

released on Raash Records/Full Body Massage Records, 2020.

Temptations In Not Reacting


solo bowed acoustic guitar

Recorded by Amir Bolzman at Lisbon Cinema Studios, Mamuta art research center, Jerusalem 2018.
Mix by Amir Bolzman & Aviad Zinemanas
Mastering by Aviad Zinemanas
Artwork by Eliya Kohn
Booklet Graphic Design by Michael Cohen

Hedim 001