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Dani Willianson: video and editing
Shaul Kohn, Amir Bolzman, Maayan Tsadka: sound recording
Shaul Kohn: mixing and mastering

The Ministry of Recordings is a joint project by Amir Bolzman and Sala-Manca. Recordings made by Samir Rona, Gidon Levy, Amir Meir, Shaul Kohn. Editing: Shaul Kohn and Amir Bolzman. Production: Shachar Ben Nun. Website: Matvey.

You are invited to use, play and broadcast these recordings freely, anywhere that you want to [from balconies, bridges, your car, as elevator music, etc.], using any sort of amplification system.

Jacquelin Magen - Sons of worthlessness (2018) - [Official Trailer]

"A personal Journey, documenting the cold Avant-garde scene in Jerusalem, that reveals decadence and thirst for new values. Against the backdrop of the bars and alleyways of Jerusalem in a reality where superficial dreams are woven into a knot of sound and pixelated scenes."

featuring music & footage from a solo performance at sira pub & recordings from a concert with Tom Soloveitzik & Orr Sinay at Barbur Gallery.

Anat Moss // AVES 0811

Music & Sound by Ofer Tisser & Shaul Kohn.

Felix Lindner // 3 AM

Additional Sound Mastering

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